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I am a ceramic designer, differently-abled you can say because I was born deaf. But that isn’t a problem when I am at work. The outside world runs before me like a silent movie. I absorb its beauty and recreate them in clay. 

My path has been a little more strenuous than yours. Doctors discouraged normal schooling for me. Yet I managed it. I am a NID alumna.

During my course study, I stayed with a potter family in Panchmura Bishnupur to learn the local indigenous craft and its technique. I spent a month in Jaipur researching the famous Jaipur Blue Pottery. The language was a problem for me. But it never came in the way of communication with the hands-on artisans whose work techniques speak for them.  

I have started my own studio Bakeclay in Kolkata, the city that helped me grow. You are welcome.

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